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September 1, 2011

Finders Keepers

How would you explain to a child the concept of making a contribution by throwing coins into a fountain? Well, the following is a conversation between a child, who believed he had found the coins, and his mother, who tried to set him straight.
While visiting a local mall I saw a small child gathering coins from a fountain and placing them in his pocket. He seemed delighted at what he had discovered; the smile on his face was as broad as the Grand Canyon.
Soon, his older sibling approached and told the young lad that he couldn't keep the money.
"Yes I can!" he said, "Finders keepers, losers creepers!"
The older child went to retrieve their mother, sitting not far away. When she arrived at the fountain she scolded her young son and told him he could not take money from the water, and had to put it back.
"But mom, finders keepers, losers creepers!" he exclaimed. "I found the money. It's mine!"
Mom tried to explain that the money in the fountain was not lost, but that it was deliberately tossed into the water as a donation. The child just wouldn't accept the concept.
"No, mom, I found it! Finders keepers, losers creepers!" Mom obviously fought back laughter at her child's miss quote of the expression. She told her child that he had to return all his ill-gotten gains to the fountain.
Reluctantly, he emptied his pocket of the coins he had retrieved and tossed them back into the fountain. Mom then took the child by the hand and began leading him away. The child looked back at the fountain and said, "Goodbye money. I hope nobody else finds you."