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October 22, 2011

Doctor's Visit

Bad news: I have bronchitis. Good news: My doctor prescribed antibiotics. Better news: While in the waiting room, I overheard something humorous:
A woman was waiting for her appointment with the doctor, with her young son, a lad of not more than five seated next to her. The boy was preoccupied with the though that the doctor would give his mom an injection. The mother, on the other hand, was frantically filling out the necessary forms before being seen.

"Mom, are you gonna git a needle," asked the child. He seemed so afraid.
"I don't know. But I'm busy right now. Leave me alone."
"But mom, will it hurt?" he asked.
The woman ignored her son's question and continued answering the questions on the form.
"Mom, is it gonna be in your arm, or in your leg?"
"I don't know if I'm I'm gonna get a needle, or where it will be."
"But mom," the child continued. "Is it gonna hurt?"
"If you don't leave me alone, I'm going to tell the doctor to give you a shot!!"
The child climbed into the seat next to his mother and never spoke another word...

October 10, 2011

Butt Crack

While sitting in the waiting room at a clinic I witnessed a humorous event:
There was a hefty woman in her twenties sitting opposite me, wearing jeans that appeared to be two sizes too small. She was sitting sideways in her chair speaking with another lady. Weather she knew, or not, her pants were not covering her butt; she was revealing more than anyone should see.
Seated close to her was a young man who just couldn't resist temptation. I watched as he blew a stream of air from his mouth toward the woman's visible crack. At first, there was no response from the woman. So, he tried again, and again. Finally, the woman felt the breeze and pulled up her pants. However, the next time she shifted in her seat, her crack reappeared. And again the man began to blow toward the crack.
The woman, sensing the breeze again, stood and adjusted her pants to cover the crack of her butt. She sat back down and continued conversing with the other lady. Unfortunately, when she sat down, she once again exposed herself.
At this point the young man was fighting back laughter, his grin as wide as the Grand Canyon. And he wasn't finished tormenting the woman, yet.
Again he blew a stream of air toward the visible crack. This got the woman's attention. She turned and began looking for the source of the draft. The guy quickly turn away, declaring his innocent.
The woman's name was called for service and she stood up and started walking away. The guy said, "Hey girl, when you're done, come out to my truck." The woman turned and looked at the guy. He added, "I've got some spackle for that crack!"
She was not amused. But I was!