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July 30, 2011

Dog Gone It

While walking my dog this evening I happened upon an elderly woman also walking her dog. My canine was interested in the scent left behind by the other dog, so we followed at a safe distance.

After a few minutes, the lady's pooch had to go..., um.., he had to go number two. And so he did. The lady praised her pet, saying, "Good boy, you poo-poo. You are such a good boy, you go poo-poo!" As she spoke childishly to her dog, she bent over and retrieved the poo-poo with a small plastic bag. She turned the bag outside-in and tightly tired a double knot. No one was getting that bag open. Ever!

The lady and her dog walk just a few more yards when the unexpected happened: The good boy poo-pooed again! But the lady didn't have another bag. She asked me if I had a spare. Not only did I not have a spare, I didn't have a one (my canine pooed earlier).

Desperately wanting to be a good citizen, and not leave the mess behind, she began searching for something to pickup the poo. But, before walking away, she placed her hat on the ground to mark the spot. No, not in it. But right next to it.

As it turned out, leaving her hat on the ground next to steaming dog poo-poo was not a good idea. After the lady walked away, an unleashed dog trotted over to the area and..., yes, you guessed it -- relieved his bladder on the nice lady's hat. And yes, I laughed. Hey, you would have too.

I don't know if the lady ever found a bag for the poo. But I sure hope she didn't put her hat back on her head...

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