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August 19, 2011

Milo Hates Skateboards

My people watching hobby has lead me to believe that the most humorous events occur between children and animal. Here is another example:

I was sitting on my back deck with my Yorkshire Terrier, Milo, when two kids passed by my yard. They were riding skateboards, which caused Milo to bark. He hates skateboards. I suppose it's the sound that makes him bark.
Anyway, one child stopped riding his board, came to the end of my yard and asked, "Is your dog mean?"
"No," I replied, "He just doesn't like skateboards."
"Why not?" he inquired. "Did he get hurt by a skateboard?"
I assured the child that Milo had not been injured by a skateboard, but that he has always barked at the sound they make while being ridden. The little boy then asked, "Can I make him not be afraid of my skateboard?"

"How are you goin' to do that?" I asked.

"Maybe if he smells my board he won't bark at it anymore," he added.
So, I walked Milo over to the boy and his skateboard to see what would happen. Milo first smelled the boy, then his board, then the boy again. The boy began petting Milo and talking to him.
"See, Milo, my skateboard won't hurt you! You don't have to be afraid anymore!"
Milo began tugging his leash, pulling toward a nearby pole. I walked him to the pole where he relieved himself. At this point, Milo was more interested in smelling the ground than paying attention to the boy. So, the boy said goodbye to me and Milo and started skating away.
As soon as Milo heard the wheels rolling on the concrete he started barking again. As the boy skated away he shouted, "I'll come back tomorrow and give him another lesson! He needs it!!"

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