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May 23, 2011

No! Don't throw it away!

Today I cleaned my backyard and took the junk to the county landfill. The attendant at the landfill directed me to back into slot #4 to unload of my trash.

The vehicle parked next to me in slot #3 was occupied by a woman and a toddler. The little boy stood quietly next to the woman--I assume was his mother--while she threw item after item into the dumpster. That was until the mother removed from her car a toy belonging to the little boy. It was a Big Wheel: a low riding tricycle made mostly of plastic. Before mom had a chance to heave the Big Wheel over the railing the child screamed, "NO! NO! Mommy, NO!! I want my Big Wheel!" He was having a fit.

The boy's mother said, "But it's broken. Look, this wheel is split and you can't ride it."

The child insisted, "No! Don't throw it away! We can get glue and fix it!"

The toy was obviously junk, but the child persisted. The argument continued back and forth for a solid minute, if not longer.

"OK!, OK!, we'll take it back home," said mom, as she placed it on the tailgate. "Now get in the car."

She buckled her son in his seat on the passenger side and closed the door. Then she proceeded to the drivers door...via the rear of the car. As she passed the tailgate, with one swift move, she flung the toy into the dumpster and slammed the tailgate closed.

I looked at the child, expecting an angry reaction. But the kid was clueless. Mom successfully pulled a fast-one.

Hummm..., I wonder what excuse she offered her son when they arrived home?

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