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June 13, 2011

Justice Served!

I was sitting in the public library reading and enjoying my hobby: people watching. Half way across the room set a group of preteen boys. They were admiring a group of young girls seated not far from them.

One boy was obviously smitten by one particular girl and tried desperately to gain her attention. He apparently lacked the social skills required to meet her. The boy would say her name aloud, then turn back to his book pretending he wasn't the one saying her name. Of course, the girl would look up each time to see who was calling her. This continued for several minutes.

Then, another boy at the table offered a trash ball and encouraged the smitten boy to toss it in the young lady's direction. He did. And the trash ball hit the girl directly on top of her head. All the boys laughed.

The girl, however, was not amused. She stood up, retrieved the wad of paper, and proceeded to walk toward the group of boys. The boys, one by one, pointed at the boy who threw the paper ball; they ratted him out.

The girl walked directly up to the boy and with one hand smashed the wad of paper on the table in front of him. Then, with her other hand, she slapped the kid in the back of his head. The slap was so hard it echoed through the library. As his peers laughed as hard as they could, the boy receiving the slap turned an interesting shade of red.

The girl didn't say a word. She returned to her female friends where she received a round of high-five.

Is there a moral to this story? If you have one, please comment.


  1. Thanks Gordon, nice story and nice way of sharing it.

  2. Don't mess with girls at the library.