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November 8, 2011

Bus Ride

Today, while riding a city transit bus, I was amused by a conversation between a mother, her son, and the bus driver.
The mother boarded the bus with her young son, a child not more than five, and instructed the child to be seated next to her. He complied.
During the bus ride, however, the child became attracted by the yellow, "stop request" strip beside him. He gently touched the strip. Nothing happened.
His mother warned him not to touch the strip or the bus driver would become upset. The child, still curious about the stop request strip, began slapping it with his open hand. Suddenly, the annunciator sounded, "stop requested." The mom, with fear in her voice said to her son, "See, now you're in trouble!"
The little boy quickly sat down and became quiet.
As they exited the bus I heard the child say to the driver, "I'm sorry I touched that yellow thing. Can I still ride your bus again?"
"Sure you can, little man," answered the driver. 
"Thank you mister bus driver," replied the boy. "I won't play with that yellow thing anymore. It might make you mad at me."

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