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November 21, 2011

Santa is Watching

This evening I did some window shopping at White Marsh Mall. Of course, while there, I participated in my favorite hobby: People Watching. And I'm glad I did.
As I exited one of the many stores I visited, I saw a young lad monkeying around with the handrail of a staircase. His mother snatched him by his hand and said, "You had better be have yourself. Santa is watching you."
As the two of them walked away, I followed. The little boy was holding his mother's hand and walking beside her. After a short distance he began turning and looking over his shoulder. He stumbled a few times because he was not looking forward. The mother, finally tired of her son's sloppy gate, asked, "What are doing?"
"I lookin' for Sana Claws. I want him see me being GOOD!"

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