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December 23, 2011

Daddy is a Pilot

I overheard this story while driving my bus:

A flight attendant was talking to another passenger, speaking of her son.

"My boy is seven but doesn't seem to understand just how important my job is. His father is an airline pilot, and I am a flight attendant. In the past, when we have flown as a family, I have always been off duty while his father is flying the plane. So, my son saw his dad as working, while I'm simply a passenger.

"As Christmas approached, my husband and I were discussing who would take vacation time while the other worked. My son interjected, 'Daddy has an important job! He flies the airplane! You just have fun with the people on the pane while daddy is working! Daddy can't take a vacation.'"

If this young lad only knew what his mom tolerated during flights, I'm sure he'd have a different opinion of his mom's job.

Oh, to be young again...

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